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The success of your business depends on your customers' Reviews

You are in contact with your customers every day. Don’t miss the opportunity to ask for their feedback. Some customers don’t leave a review because it takes too much time or because they don’t know where and how to post it on the Internet.

How does it work

Present your customer with your contactless Google Review card, and thanks to the contactless technology (NFC), he just has to approach his smartphone to be immediately redirected to your Google Review page.

Collect reviews quickly

Improve your local referencing

Increase your legitimacy

Company Who Believed us

Here is Some Review


Cards2Tap is not limited on the number of reviews you can collect.

So the answer is: Infinite number of reviews!

Once you get your Card2Tap it is valid for life!

It is not possible to change the link once the Popcard has been created.

If you would like to use a different link, you will need to order a new card with the updated information.

To evaluate your business, customers need to have a Google account.

Most smartphone users have a Google account through YouTube, Gmail, or Google Maps. In fact, 93% of people with a smartphone have a Google account.